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We are 95% sure we have dealt with a similar project as yours. From E-commerce to Finance, Sport, Health, Learning Management Systems, CRM, Non-profit, Business Directory, Crowd funding and so much more.



Usually a free service for our waterfall clients. We open our doors to strategy discussion with actionable follow up plans for scale, market acquisition and step up ideas over competitors.

  • Research
  • UI/UX audit
  • Stakeholder workshops
  • Product strategy
  • Innovation consulting


We are completely immersed in the development and design of tokens, NFT marketplaces, Dapps and Dexes to meet the demands of our clients who are full scale or transiting to blockchain.

  • Tokens
  • Dapps / Dexes
  • NFTs
  • Solidity/ Rust / Go
  • Java Script / Ruby/ Erlang


MIDA is a web design agency first; it is our main expertise. Our work process helps us to create products that will cover all the business needs of our clients. If our client wants to have a custom solution and implement it in web design, we will be happy to help. Our digital experience, awards, and badges will also be a plus for each type of project. 
  • UI/UX design
  • Websites and mobile apps
  • Visual design
  • Prototyping and testing


Web development is one tool that could help each business and solve a massive list of business goals. At the web development stage, we help our client realize all their need, and at the same time, follow all necessary steps and rules. Our web development agency uses best practices and already made solutions if such fits well to the project and the requirements. If our client wants to be with us at all stages of the development of PM and account, managers will be happy to help with it. 
  • React/Angular
  • Backend/API integrations
  • iOS/Android native apps
  • Rapid prototyping
  • WordPress


This is the beginning or discovery stage of a brand. Our team could add any services to the pack and more; it helps us fit our clients’ expectations and make the best commercial proposal with the next recommendations. At this stage, the team and the services could be absolutely flexible, so we try to communicate with our client and his team in the closest way.
This is the only service that comes with branding.
  • Full Branding
  • Strategy
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Ad Management
  • Social Media Designs
  • Pitch Deck
  • Logo animation


Rolling Stone

This is a one-off service package. Which starts our 12-step Cycle on every contact. We complete the product at the end of the project timeline and transfer all client assets upon delivery. We keep a backup copy of the assets for 1 week free of charge, after which we close completely with deletion.


Our waterfall / retainer-ship service package gets discounted with time. Our clients only go through the 12-step Cycle on first contact after which we assign a tech manager to their account, and provide free asset backup, free strategy and other paid on-demand services.


At the bottom line, you will have

  1. Detailed Estimation
  2. Beneficial Research
  3. Project strategy
  4. User flows Sitemap
  5. Wireframes
  6. Intergration with your team
  7. Creative concept and ideas
  8. Design directions
  9. Web and mobile UI
  10. Live prototype
  11. Style guides
  12. Design system
  13. Promo materials For your project
  14. Custom development
  15. Project managment
  16. Customer support
  17. A reliable partner agency 🤓

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